Barrie McCall

Managing Director

28 years experience as an architect, project manager, and contractor, working for larger organisations, in UK, Africa, North America and the Middle East on an extremely broad range of projects in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors.

Claude Tarski

Contracts Director

30 years experience as a contractor working in the residential and industrial sectors in London.

Ben McDonald

Design Manager

4 years experience in high end residential projects and office schemes.

Bart Tarski

Contracts Manager

10 years experience in construction and site management.

Annie McCall

Projects Manager

7 years project management experience working for large organisations in North America and UK.

Nena Kaweche

Office Manager

12 years experience in management roles, Nena has been with us from the beginning of Barski Developments Ltd as the main office contact.

Dave McCall

Business Development Manager

Several years business development management experience working principally in the corporate and sports promotion sectors, Dave has recently joined the team and now turns his attention to the world of construction. Dave is also an expert in time management as he continues to play professional rugby for London Scottish